The design prices are as individual as your home. All Homes are a custom design; the cost of a set of Blueprints depends on the Size, shape and complexity of the Building.

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Custom Log Home & Timber Frame Design

Design Process

Step 1:

An initial meeting either by Phone or in Person is required to establish a relationship. It is important to me that my clients are able to trust myself and feel that they're in good hands at this exciting stage of building a home. During this meeting the clients and I will discuss the style of home, size, shape and different options, based on the homeowner's lifestyle, budget and shape & size of the building site. A visit to the building lot/ property is helpful to determine the above; on out-of-town projects pictures can be provided.

Step 2:

Now that we have established a relationship between yourself (the client) and me, it is time to get started with basic sketches of the layout and design of your home. Most clients like to produce a “Wish List” that explains specific needs to suit their lifestyle so it can be incorporated into the home design.

Your local Building Department will be able to provide you with the building bylaws of your area, which is necessary to determine set backs (min. distance between the edge of your home and property line) and height restrictions prior to the designing stages.

Step 3:

After discussing all information required it is time to get creative and start generating preliminary Drawings. These drawings will include Floor/ Room layouts of all levels of the Building, as well as Architectural Elevations to determine style/ shape and exterior finishes of your home. This step means to pass ideas and thoughts back and forth between the clients and myself.

Some projects require a 3-D Rendering to help visualizing interior & exterior of the building and can be offered prior to the preliminary design stage.

Step 4:

Once the preliminary drawings have been finalized and are to the client's satisfaction these plans can be used to hand out to the log home or timber Frame company, as well as general contractors, bidding your project. This will also allow the builder to review the plans and make comments and, if necessary, structural changes. I prefer working close with the builder and contractor throughout each project, the input from a builder during the design stage is most appreciated and will eliminate glitches during construction.

Step 5:

Now that it is confirmed esthetically and structurally, we can move on to Construction Drawings and get them sent to a structural engineer to review and 'redline' the plans. This means the engineer will review all beam sizes, point loads and foundation specifications. He will return the marked up drawings so I can apply the necessary changes before the plans can be stamped and signed off by the engineer for construction. Anke Design works with a number of engineers throughout North America and will be happy to recommend an engineer most suitable for your project based on location and size of the project.

Step 6:

With the final construction drawings you can apply for a building permit in order to break ground and get the building process started.

I enjoy keeping close contact with the client and builder(s) throughout the construction stage by on-site visits and receiving pictures and updates of the building process. It's most rewarding to be a part of the excitement the homeowner is experiencing while building a home.

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